The following is a list of Mets who have been elected into the Hall of Fame:

  • =Gary Carter was inducted as an Expo, even though he requested that his plaque would show the Expos and the Mets, or just the Mets
Name Position Hall of Fame Team Years With Mets Year Inducted
Roberto Alomar Second Baseman Toronto Blue Jays 2002-2003 2011
Richie Ashburn Center Fielder Philadelphia Phillies 1962 1995
Yogi Berra Catcher/Coach/Manager New York Yankees

as player: 1965

as coach: 1965-1972

as manager: 1972-1975

Gary Carter Catcher Montreal Expos* 1985-1989 2003
Rickey Henderson Left Field/Coach Oakland Athletics

as player: 1999-2000

as coach: 2007

Willie Mays Center Field/Coach San Francisco Giants

as player: 1972-1973

as coach: 1974-1979


Eddie Murray First Baseman Baltimore Orioles 1992-1993 2003
Nolan Ryan Pitcher Texas Rangers 1966, 1968-1971 1999
Tom Seaver Pitcher New York Mets 1967-1977, 1983 1992
Duke Snider Center Fielder Brooklyn Dodgers 1963 1980
Warren Spahn Pitcher Milwaukee Braves 1965 1973
Casey Stengel Manager New York Yankees 1962-1965 1966
Joe Torre Third Baseman/Manager New York Yankees

As player: 1975-1977

As manager: 1977-1981

George Weiss General Manager No Cap 1962-1966 1971

Here are the Mets who won a Ford Frick Award

Name Years broadcasting Mets Year Inducted
Buck Canel 1964-1979 1985
Lindsey Nelson 1962-1978 1988
Bob Murphy 1962-2003 1994
Tim McCarver 1983-1998 2012

Tom Seaver, the only inductee to wear a Mets cap on his plaque


Gary Carter making his speech


Willie Mays


Roberto Alomar at his induction ceremony


Rickey Henderson makes his speech


Yogi Berra while with the Mets


Tim McCarver at the Mets' broadcasting booth